How about them...... Jacks??!!

Wow look at them Jacks'!!!

At times we do a little different tour, getting close to some of our secret little spots, some snorkeling, as well as beach and aquatic adventures. Well, Wendita killed it today!!! Look at them Jacks!! Ladies love to fish too and we love having them aboard. Some of our best days have been with the gals on the boat!! Today for sure was great!! Let us help you "set the hook" on your next dream fish!! Pura Vida





Somewhere over the "rainbow runner"

Rainbow Runner Buena Pesca

What a beautidul day for fishing. We took off out towards the "spot" and we were delighted with this beauty!!! I love to fish, this is what we do, smile and be proud of that fish! Let us help you "set the hook" on your next dream fish!! Pura Vida!!




Mahi Mahi (dorado) Explosion!!!

Ceviche anyone?

Nice to be back on the BLOG... After some routine maintenance on Alabtross (which we do "religiously") we got some time to go out. The water was perfect, today we decided on just artificial baits. Let me tell you what... What a day 6 mahis a spanish mackarel, killer day!! Thats what its about, tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish today!!









Gotta be the hat

Jack caravel for me!

 Why not?? Is it the hat? Is it the gear? No bananas? Heck, it's all of the above. Great times on Albatross gives us the smiles and fish we're looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Get your charter booked today, the season is upon us. Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!





ALERT!!! Blue Marlin 400+ lb's

Lucky Hat!!! Huge Fish!!

 What else can I say? Look at that!! Rick is one happy man after landing his FIRST ever Marlin. That's a big check mark off the bucket list. Congrats Rick!!! I'm glad I was aboard to get this picture with you. Smiles all around and jeeeez!!! So stoked to have just been a part of this day! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!





Dave & The Yellowfin

 Well, you can see that I'm a smiling man here!! Got this beauty about 25 miles out. Something about catching your own "yellowfin" that makes it taste that much better. Plus, when I brought this guy home the girlfriend was a happy camper!! Smiles on the boat, smiles at home.... Check!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




We want meat!!


We listen, make no mistake about it. When Keith and Vanessa booked their 2nd day it was all about stocking up. Well, we did just that.. Over 40 fish were caught this day, snapper, triggerfish, and some bonito. You see the smiles and the fish, mission accomplished. Thanks guys!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




Ooooh Barracuda!!

Nice Cuda

I've talking about the Barracudas' well now we have a picture for everyone! Keith and Vanessa went out for their first day and booked for another day!! Always about the smiles, that cuda tasted really good. Barracuda makes a delicious ceviche!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




6 foot Needlefish

NICE needlefish!!

Had some friends visiting from Florida and they wanted to do some Pacific fishing. We had a fun day out there. Not everyday do you see or land a needlefish this large. Smiles on deck!!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




New canvas top and rocket launchers


Super excited!! New top, rocket launchers mounted and feeling good!! Pura Vida!!! Get your trip on the Albatross booked today!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




Trip 2, let's fish!!

Fun times

Got to say, repeat customers are the BEST!! After the aquatic adventure tour last week Wendy wanted to go fishing with her friend. We went out for half day and got some mackerel, jack caravel, and some bonito. With windy conditions (papagayo north summer winds) we still had a great time and put meat on the deck! Smiles and stocked freezers... Check!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




Family day Aquatic Adventure

Pura Vida!!

Today was another great day aboard the Albatross. Not our "conventional" fishing trip but none the less we had a great time. Snorkeling, beach hopping, some fishing, and lots of smiles!! Not only do we offer fishing charters bur we also do aquatic adventure tours built around the clients wants. Did I mention I love seeing my guests smile? Well I sure do!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




I need a day out!!

Dave  & The Needle!!

Sometimes Dave needs a fishing day, tough conditions today. The rollers were out in full force and I was rolling with them. I really like this picture of me and the needlefish. Cool part about today was we caught a beauty of a rooster as well. I love living here in Costa Rica and I love fishing!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




Can you help us catch a Rooster fish?

BOOM!! Thumbs UP!

Here we are again, special requests, we love and do our best to cater to our clients wants. The Allen group were a lot of fun. After a rough day fishing the day before (super tough conditions) on another boat we did a half day tour with roosters in mind. Well, Albatross provided that want and we "set the hook" on that dream fish they were after. Glad that we could put smiles in faces!! Tight lines and let us help you "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




FDF "Father's Day Fishing"


Happy Father's day to all our dads out there, we hope it was a special day. It was a special day for these guys. A really nice rooster, a slew of mackarel and smiles all around!! Love this picture of our first mate giving the thumbs up as our client poses with his rooster fish! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




ALERT!!! Moster Amberjack!!!

80+ lb Amberjack

Today was going to be the day. Great conditions out there, we were determined to get Charles on some billfish. It was just a slow day out there for that species. However, even though you want one species sometimes you land a monster of another. This amberjack weighed in at just over 80lb's. Smile!!!! So glad Albatross produced this monster for our client. We call it fishing not catching but we sure got a spectacular fish!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish.




We want a sailfish!!

Sailfish at the boat

So, we had another special request. Our clients were determined, and so was Albatross. A special request was to catch a sailfish, well, we got the sailfish! However, this was our picture. We got it, just not in the boat. This guy here thrashed so hard it literally spit the hook at this moment. Fishing can be a difficult sport at times, catching even more difficult!! Tight lines, and lets "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




Mahi Mahi are coming!!

Baby mahi (Dorado)

Pick up this morning was in Playa Flamingo. We do pick up our guests from beaches up and down the Pacific in the Guanacaste region. Today was such a beauty of a day, sunny, low chop, and just was set up for a great day. On a half day charter we were able to pull in some snapper, triggerfish, and we got some early running mahi mahi. As the "green" season is upon us and the water temperatures are cooling we see the mahi coming closer to shore. At times they can be chasing around tuna 40-60 miles offshore. As the tuna come closer so do the mahi. Pictured here are a male and female. You can see the distinct difference in the shapes of their heads. Cool picture I thought, glad we were able to get some smiles!! Tight lines and let's "set the hook" on your dream fish!!







Barracuda break

Las Catalinas

What agreat day out on the boat. Today was a fabulous sunny day out on the water. As you see in this picture we were trolling, generally around the Las Catalinas area. We were able to pull some mackarel, jack caravel, and bonito. We for sure had some barracuda on and they literally destroyed the lines with those razor sharp teeth. We also had a sail on for a minute and did it ever thrash the surface. What a great day regardless, this is what its about, catching fish and putting smiles on faces. Tight lines to all and like we say lets "set the hook" on your next dream fish.




Happy Don

Big Don, Big sailfish!!

What a day!! So, my friend and chef at Coconutz Don (singer song writer) wanted to go for some fun before he leaves for the summer to Wisconsin. Well, we gave him some FUN!! Not even a hour into the day Don nailed this Sailfish, good fighter too. A good forty plus minutes it took Don to land this guy. Always a good feeling to see your buddy smile like that. It makes it worth while, they had a good day, some mahi, jack caravel, and some bonito too. Pura Vida!! Tight lines all and lets "set the hook"!




I've never seen one before!!

Leigh with his rooster

All the way from England our guest Leigh is from. He is in the fishing industry back there and called us about inquiring about "rooster fishing" I told him about and he said well lets go!! After setting up his half day charter we picked him up from his hotel the Riu in the boat a few days later. He had heard many other fishermen talk about the fight the rooster puts up. It was a very cloudy and hard to pick up anything that day and BOOM!!!! Leigh had his rooster fish on!! A very happy Leigh got his picture and went home a satisfied fisherman!! Always makes my day to see the smiles!! Tight lines all and lets "set the hook" on your dream fish!!




"The Dream" Rooster Fish

Rooster fish

This was Ed's day! He so desperately wanted to check the rooster off his bucket list of fish. We went out on a half day charter and the conditions were perfect. Needlefish, a jack caravel, and all of a sudden the water exploded!! Ed hooked into his rooster, after a twenty minute fight they brought aboard for a quick picture. The colors on this specific fish were great. Another smile to add to the collection. This is what its about for us at Albatross Sport Fishing, we want those dreams of you and your fish to become reality.  Tight lines everyone and lets "set the hook"!