Fishing in Costa Rica!

Depending on the time of year certain species of fish run more during our different seasons. During the "green" season May-October we generally see an uptick in yellowfin tuna and dorado "mahi mahi" usually the months of August and September they are striking hard. This is mainly due to the cooler water temperatures creating a more active bite.


Let's "set the hook"!!! I love saying that, our billfish, sailfish and (blue, black, and striped) marlin are generally around throughout the entire year. As well as the snapper and my favorite species the rooster fish. Wow!!! I love the rooster fish personally, from the fight all the way to picture time where the colors really show!! Fishing in our "dry" season November-April is one of the most popular times to come visit Costa Rica.


Who wants to stay home in cold?? Brrrrr, not this guy here. We have plenty of wonderful days out on the water. My one recommendation for this time of year, is book ahead of time. While temperature heat up so do the bookings. So, don't be left onshore, make sure to set your fishing plans months ahead of time. I'm always here ready to get you out on the boat. Inshore or offshore I can broker the best price and boat for you desires.